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How to identify digital opportunities?

How to identify digital opportunity clusters?

To get transformed, companies cannot use systemic approaches which are no longer adapted to face digital issues and constraints. To be efficient, the transformation has to rely on new criteria: the “hot topics” of digital transformation.

This theory comes from the observation that the usual criteria (organization, products, geography…) showed up ineffective to deal with digital transformation.

To have a chance of success digital adaptation strategy will focus on the real issues of the emergence of digital.

To go straight to the real digital transformation booster, process should be sifted with a digital sieve where nuggets are:  

  1. Data heritage development and use.
  2. Breaks in digital processing removal.
  3. Artificial intelligence and the resulting automation opportunities.
  4. Combination of data analysis and external information.
  5. Trade securing.
  6. Expenses redistribution opportunities (repartition, report, externalization).
  7. Activities steering and control.
  8. Changes in processing sequence.

And what about creating a disruptive activity or becoming a new disruptive actor?

To be continued…