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Tigüring was created by senior executives of major banks and insurance companies.

Based on their experience of the difficulties encountered by financial firms to carry out their transformation project, Tigüring has developed an offer to support and accelerate the changes of companies in which IT is an essential component, where the need  to focus  on the transformation real stakes is essential.

This capability to engage moves only when and where it is essential is the success key factor for the financial companies to adapt their business model in a very fast changing world.

The aim of Tigüring is to support the best ones in their journey to digitalization.

Our services


  • Process Reengineering.

  • ITO / BPO / LPO.

  • Software Development.

  • Data Management.

  • Interim Management.


  • High-skilled & motivated.

  • Low Cost.

  • European.

  • Multi-lingual.


  • Costs reduction.

  • Process simplification.

  • Automation.

  • Outsourcing.


  • Fees based
    on quantitative &
    qualitative KPIs.


  • Adopt an effectual &
    client oriented culture.

  • Committed & engaged people
    in line with your strategy.


  • Project roll-out.

  • Multi areas.

  • Digital Oriented Processes.

Our clients

In a context of digital disruption,
we work with clients mainly in the insurance area to help them deal with emergencies brought by digital.

" Working with Tiguring was really helpful for us. They managed to find interesting efficiency leverages and developped a change management plan for one of our most ambitious digital project "
Richard, Chief digital officier - Allianz
Wedou, ensemble transformons l'assurance !
Patrick Bacchetta , CEO & Founder
Forget about traditional methods

Digital, Fintech, AssurTech, Disruption, Threats?
No worries! We just have to launch a 5 year Business Project or change our entire Information System ....
Even better let's recruit a Chief Digital Officer!

Forget about traditional methods
  • Forget about integration strategies : think frugal, build networks and partnerships.

  • Digital oriented clustering.

  • Evolve through smooth adaptations : transform everything is not a target.

  • Cluster transformation potential assessment.

  • Stay agile and pragmatic.

  • Gather the best resources, wherever they are, inside or outside.

  • Test - Fail and Learn -

  • Succeed - Start again.

Our method on the field

We work with your teams to cluster and target digital opportunities, and we provide you with the keys to boost your digital transformation.

  • 01.         Analyse
  • 02.         Master
  • 03.         Gather innovation
  • 04.         Deploy
Key people
Dimitar Velev
Senior Project Manager
Stanislav Zahov
Chief Executive Officer
Marko Slavov
Chief Technology Officer
Philippe Renault
IT & transformation
Gergana Guberova
Chief Financial Officer
Angel Giner
Data Science